Dholi TK at a Baraat

The Baaraat (Groom's Procession):

The Baaraat is one of the most anticipated parts of the wedding. It's the grand procession before the groom makes his entrance at the wedding venue. And for an entrance to be grand, it must be loud, and the groom's friends & family must be energized! The bass of my drum will get the young and old moving their hips and shoulders! I can play beats to match the vibes of your culture and background. I highly recommend adding a Mobile DJ for your baaraat, it'll really amp up this event that precedes your wedding. The familiar songs from the speakers, paired with the synchronized beating of my drum will set the tone for a day of celebration! I can coordinate with any DJ of your choosing, as well as recommend contacts for mobile DJs and additional dholis who can provide the same best quality service as I will.

I don't just stop at the entrance of your wedding venue, I can extend my services to include the groom's entrance into your wedding venue, through the hallways during any ceremonies in between, and all the way to the mandap or wedding stage.

Dholi TK at a Wedding Recption


The most anticipated event for your guests is the Wedding Reception. Some couples like to walk in to the sound of the dhol, while others prefer me to play during the dance party. Once the DJ turns up the volume for an open dance floor, I come in. I'll walk through and to every corner of the dance floor, making sure that the floor is rocking! I will also join and dance with the crowd as I play! I can play beats to match Hip-Hop, Dance, Arabic, Bollywood, Punjabi, and any other form of music with rhythmic and dancing beats. This is my favorite and most recommended service.

I also bring additional drums to play live alongside your DJ. This is a new and unique element for the party that has been a great success!

Dholi TK performing at Garba


As a garba fanatic, I must say, I truly enjoy playing at these events. I can play the dhol along side a DJ's garba and raas music, or play the drum set with a live band. Something about this non-stop Gujarati dancing event makes my heart beat rapidly. I play to please myself and the crowd!

Dholi TK entertaining at a Mehndi Party

Mendhi Party:

Dholi during a Mehndi? Yes, this is the new craze! Many families love to add spice to this event. This is usually the event that kick starts the weekend of joy. While the bride and guests get their precious mehndi/ henna applied, I play to keep the rest of the family entertained. Traditionally, this used to be a bride's family/women only event. But in modern day, more and more bride and groom's families are joining together at this event. When one has guests, you must feed and entertain.

Dholi TK playing drums at a party


I also have several years of experience playing the dhol during other special and memorable events, such as Engagements, Birthdays, Private Parties, Baby Showers, House Warmings, and Corporate Events. I can basically play with any culture or traditional background. I have played during many popular religious events, such as Holi, and also participated by playing in many school and college events. Some may find it odd, but I once played during a private Mother's Day party!

No matter what the event is, having a dholi will
definitely bring a bang to your event!